Effective Hydration for Dry Skin





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Products for Holistic Skincare and Haircare

Made from 100% natural ingredients in Finland with love. Our products have minimalist INCI and they are suitable even for sensitive skin types. 

Products for Ecological and Efficient Home and Textile Care

Made from 100% natural ingredients in Finland. Biodegradable, gentle care for your home and clothing!

Gentle Care Products for Beloved Animal Friends

Made from 100% natural ingredients in Finland. The products are formulated focusing on the needs of a dogs’ skin. The ingredients used are gentle and suitable also for pets who has atopic or allergic skin.

In our selection you can also find safe and efficient cleaning supplies for your household.


Ecological and Biodegradable Products for Outdoor Lifestyle

Ecological and biodegradable products for camping, hiking, cabins, boats, caravans and all outdoor life. Made from 100% natural ingredients in Finland.

Natural Products for Skincare and Home Care made in Finland with Love

The founders of Fiini Naturally are two long-time friends whose love to nature, animals and formulating handmade products sparked the start for the company.

We believe that every small choice is an important step towards a better future.