Our Story

Fiini Naturally – Natural Cosmetics for everyone made in Finland.

This is a story who started with friendship and shared values. 

We met for the first time in high school 20 years ago and quickly became friends. The friendship has continued without interruption until these days. Our first-born daughters were once born five weeks apart, and our younger daughters were also born at the same age difference. In addition to children, common interests throughout the years have been renovating our old houses, traditional construction, all kinds of handcrafts, nature and animals. Therefore, it is perhaps not a surprise that the production of natural cosmetics was selected as our heart’s business.

We both have sensitive skin, for which it has been difficult to find suitable skin care products. In fact, Heidi has always used and also prepared natural care products for her animals, the recipes of which have been passed down partly as traditional knowledge. Essi, on the other hand, started developing her own cream because she couldn’t find a suitable one in the stores. As a result of the development, we found a complete pole vault that was perfect for both of us. That cream is our oat honey cream, which is one of our most popular creams today. The completely successful product trial inspired us to investigate natural ingredients in more detail and we immersed ourselves deeper and deeper into the fascinating world of natural cosmetics. Little by little, inquiries started to come in increasing numbers from the close circle, whether we had some kind of solution for any skin problem. If there wasn’t, we’ll find one!

Nature is a very important thing for both of us. One of us lives on the banks of the River Kyrö and the other at the edge of a forest on the plains of Northern Ostrobothnia where the purest food in the world is produced. We can walk straight into nature from our back gardens and we can see the changing seasons from our windows. In doing our own cleaning and housework we have, for a long time, used cleaning products which are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a natural extension to our cosmetic range we developed our own soaps, solid shampoos, conditioners and laundry vinegar. Our products are biodegradable and don’t involve a burden to the environment.

The point came when it felt right to turn our passion for producing natural cosmetics into a business and a new career. Right from the beginning, much as ecological and chemical-free living is important to both of us, we were clear that we didn’t want to pigeonhole our products behind any individual trend. We both feel that each individual nature-friendly choice is a step towards a purer future, regardless of whether the decision to buy is motivated ecologically or just because of how the product looks. Even though the colours of our products may be fairly black and white, age and life experience have greatly reduced black and white thinking. Fiini products are aimed at everyone!