Balancing Rosemary toner

Fresh and light balancing rosemary toner for oily and combination skin.

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Toner is available in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml.

The balancing rosemary toner is a light, moisturizing toner that balances the function of the skin. It is ideal for normal, oily, combination and acne prone skin as well as young skin.

Rosemary water balances, controls dermatitis and cleanses. Its fresh scent refreshes and revitalizes.

Blackcurrant extract is full of antioxidants and vitamins. It moisturizes and balances and improves the skin’s ability to protect itself from external damage. The antibacterial properties of blackcurrant extract, omega 6 fats (linolenic acid) and vitamin E protect the skin, promote skin cell regeneration and fights inflammation.


Use: Spray toner on clean face and gently tap on the face. If you want, you can repeat this to get double moisture on your face. Do not wipe the toner off. After the lotion, add oil serum, face oil or cream to damp faces.


INCI: *Rosmarinus officinalis floral water (rosmariini/rosemary), Glyserin, Ribes nigrum

fruit extract (mustaherukka/blackcurrant),**Benzyl alcohol, **Sodium benzoate, **Potassium sorbate

*Luomu raaka-aine/Organic

**Luonnollinen säilöntäaine/Natural preservative

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Skin Type

Combination Skin, Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Young Skin

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Face, Skincare for Men


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