Coffee Soap

Gentle soap with grounded coffee. Coffee has a natural ability to remove odors, for example, fish, onion, etc. from the skin, so this product is suitable particularly to the kitchen. Ground coffee gently exfoliates and helps to remove effortlessly smutches from the hands, without drying them. 



All Fiini Naturally soaps are cold-pressed by hand. They only contain organic raw ingredients and they contain no artificial colorants, fragrances, or chemicals. Fiini Naturally soaps contain glycerine that locks moisture in the skin. Our soaps contain also superfats meaning that an amount of oil is left in the soap to soothe the skin.

  • 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, vegan and natural.
  • Size approx. 90g
  • For hands and body

INCI: Sodium olivate (olive oil), aqua, *sodium cocoate (cocos oil), sodium rapeseedate (rapeseed oil), *sodium shea butterate (shea), cofea arabica (coffee), solanum tuberosa starch (potato flour).



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Body, Zero waste