Salt Soap – Palmarosa

Salt soap for both face and body wash.

The soap is vegan, natural, free of artificial ingredients and handmade.



The salt soap locks in moisture, so it moisturizes effectively whilst the salt minerals revitalize the skin.

Because salt acts as a disinfectant, the soap is suitable, not just for cleansing the impurities, but also to remove the smell of sweat. The essential oil of palmarosa has the enchanting scent of rose and geranium and help it the skin to maintain its moisture balance and renews the skin cells. Palmarosa is a strongly antibacterial oil and it balances the dermis tallow producing and eliminates viruses and bacterias soothing the inflammatory skin.

All Fiini Naturally soaps are cold-pressed by hand. They only contain organic raw ingredients and they contain no artificial colourants, fragrances, or chemicals. Fiini Naturally soaps sustain organic glycerine which drags moisture to the skin. In factory-made soaps, the glycerine is generally removed to be used in other cosmetic production. Handmade soaps which retain glycerine are also gentle on the skin. Our soaps contain super fats meaning that during production a proportion of oil is left in the soap to soothe and care for the skin.

100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, vegan and free of artificial chemicals.

Size approx. 80g.

INCI: Maris sal (sea salt), *Sodium cocoate (cocos oil), aqua (water), *sodium shea butterate (shea), Sodium olivate (olive oil), *Sodium castorate (risin oil), *Cympopogon martini (palmarosa), **Geraniol, **Linalool, **Limonene

**Natural compound of essential oils


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Skin Type

Atopic Skin, Combination Skin, Dry skin, Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Young Skin

Product Type

Body, Face, Skincare for Men, Zero waste