Our Values

Business Lead by Strong Values

Domestic berry oils and oat oil play the main role in the raw materials of our cosmetics. These berries and oats grow here in the nightless night of North and are packed with full of vitamins, and antioxidants.

Local manufacturing matters to us. That’s why we cooperate with local companies and our beeswax comes from a local honey producer. We use domestic raw materials whenever possible.

Our products have been granted the Avainlippu certificate which means that all our products are manufactured in Finland. It is also important for us to provide employment in our own locality.


All the oils and fats used in our cosmetics are cold pressed and unprosessed, meaning that all their skin-friendly qualities and natural goodness are retained. All of our raw ingredients are natural ones. We do not use any industrial preservatives, additives, perfumes or colourants in any of our products. All natural!


People from the north of Finland are known for being straight talkers and true to their word. If we make a promise then we deliver. It’s just as important to us for our products to have an honest INCI. We want to keep our INCIs short and easy to understand. That is why you will always find a Finnish translation of our products’ raw ingredients on the label. For us, less is more. In our opinion a cream does not need to have all kinds of extra oils in it as long as you know what oil you are using and your raw ingredients are quality ones.


Ecology and recycling play a key role in the planning of our packaging and the materials we use. All our creams are packaged in recyclable aluminium and glass containers. We also use recyclable cardboard in our packaging. We try to buy our raw ingredients in as large quantities as possible. They are delivered in crates without unnecessary plastic packaging. For example, our vinegar arrives in recyclable and reusable containers so that no waste is produced by them at all. The finished product is put into a glass bottle which you can then reuse however you choose until the end of its life span, at which point it can be recycled once more.


None of our products or their ingredients have been tested on animals. We do not sell our products to countries which allow animal testing. Products designed for animal use are tested on our own skin before being brought into market.